With effort to preserve traditional culture value, Toan Dung Media have carried out a 3D Scan of featured Vietnamese Buddhist Architecture, particularly Dai hung Bao Dien Temple belonging to Ba Vang Pagoda Complex. 

Known as Bao Tu Quang, according to the content engraved on the tree in front of temple gate, Ba Vang was buit of wood by Master Thien Su Tue Bich – the descendant of Tam To Truc Lam Yen Tu in 1706. The pagoda has been rebuilt couples times, and the latest time is in 2011.

Ba Vang has unique location facing the Bach Dang river and leaning back to Thanh Dang mountain. The pagoda’s structure revalents Vietnamese Cultrure including three building namely main hall, harem and others auxilitary items, particularly Tam Quan Noi and Dai Hung Bao Dien Temple.

Dai Hung Bao Dien with the area of about 4000m2 was recognized by Indo-China Record Organization as ” The largest mountain main hall in Indo-China area” in 2014. The temple outstanding with oriental architecture having carved many subtle patterns wall , especially the largest wall painted to present the life of Buddha Shakyamuni .

Toan Dung Media is so proud of being the first 3D Scanning Technology in Viet Nam which is considered as one of the most optimal Publicity for Real Estate, Tourism Industry, etc. With our professional performance, superior quality products and large scale projects, we are believed to become one of the best partner supporting for subtainable development of all Vietnamese Enterprises.


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