It is easy to choose exactly the accommodation you like with 3D scanning. Let’s experience the immersive space at Dao Ngoc Hotel with 3D Technology

Located on the beautiful peninsula Nghi Son, Đảo Ngọc hotel like an outstanding trait from the Nghi Son Island. When you stay here, you are really mixed with a quiet atmosphere, enjoy the fresh breeze, make yourself comfortable when watching the gentle Nghi Son sea. You will become separated from noises, leave all tiredness from the center of  Nghi Son economic zone.

Đảo Ngọc hotel was expected to be opening  in December, 2015. Our hotel has 5 floors consists 85 guest rooms ( 28 Deluxe Mountain View rooms, 34 Deluxe Ocean View rooms, 11 Suies Mountain View rooms and 11 Suites Ocean View rooms) which are designed like four-star standard hotel. Our staffs get professional training, helpful…our hotel will give good services and satisfaction to you.

To make hotel more popular and attract more customer, especially foreigners, Dao Ngoc Hotel co-operated with Toan Dung media – the first 3D Scanning service provider in Vietnam to use the state-of-the-art technology in order to bring guests more realistic and immersive perpective about the hotel.

Toan Dung Media is so proud of being the first 3D Scanning Technology in Viet Nam which is considered as one of the most optimal Publicity for Real Estate, Tourism Industry, etc. With our professional performance, superior quality products and large scale projects, we are believed to become one of the best partner supporting for subtainable development of all Vietnamese Enterprises.


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