Bomb Shelter was borned in 1960 in order to protect inhouse guests during American War.

The shelter was built sometime during the mid-1960s, and although the hotel staff has always known of its existence — general manager says that at least one guest a week has enquired about it during his four-year tenure at the hotel — the shelter was unearthed by chance during the renovation of the hotel’s Bamboo Bar less than a year ago. The shelter provided a unique glimpse into the hotel’s incarnation as a government-run wartime guesthouse — a world away from the opulence of its French colonial heyday.

Infact, the bunker’s area is 40m2, being divided into 4 rooms. There have been a bottle of wine, a light bulb, a vent and Iron door, especially the words ” Bob Devereaux” and the written date ” 17th August 1975″. According to Mr. Kai Speth – General Manager of Hotel, there are a lot of stories relating in the bomb shelter such as the story telling about Joan Baez who was country music singer sheltered in the bunker and sang with Vietnamese ghitarist during winter in 1972.

The bomb shelter has been preserved in its original condition, with the unobtrusive addition of new mechanical and electrical installations to allow the space to be accessible and safe for public viewing. Therefore, the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi was granted a UNESCO honourable mention at a ceremony in Hanoi on October 14 for conserving its bomb shelter.

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