Toan Dung Media with  Vietnamese Culture Preserving Mission has carried out a lot of 3D Scanning projects which enable to save 3D model of historical heritages. Bai Dinh pagoda complex is one of the largest projects is done by TDM.


Bell Tower is made of reinforced concrete and is of ancient bell tower architecture. It is built in an octagonal shape with a three-layer curved roof, covered with glazed dark brown tiles produced in Bat Trang pottery village. It is 22m high, and 17m wide, and has the appearance of a lotus plant.

Inside the Bell Tower is a 36 ton bronze bell, casted by craft villagers in Hue. The bell holds the record as the largest Great Bell in Vietnam. Under the bronze bell is a bronze drum in the design of Dong Son Bronze. The drum weighs 13 tons, is more than 6m wide, and almost 7m high.

Toan Dung Media is so proud of being the first 3D Scanning Technology in Viet Nam which is considered as one of the most optimal Publicity for Real Estate, Tourism Industry, etc. With our professional performance, superior quality products and large scale projects, we are believed to become one of the best partner supporting for subtainable development of all Vietnamese Enterprises.


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