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What makes 3D Scanning different

In real life, Everthing is experienced under space’s dimension, therefore our brain have to calculate distance, size and weight to figure out the world around us. The born of 3D scanning technology created revolution of the patial vision, which 2D or 360 image have never could done before. Viewers not only have a look but also can measure and experience that place like they are there.

  • SCAN 3D: immersive way to have realistic interaction with physical space without limitation.
  • VIDEO: Space is represented by series of seamless images. However, video limits interaction; and image quality depends on the intention of photographer.
  • 360° Panoramic Walkthroughs: Basing on 2D digital photography, images are processed and assembled into a circle that creates a continuous rotation of images.
  • Traditional Picture: Needing a huge number of images to show whole scene but can not have ability to show entire space.